Klara Li shines with her crystal-clear, wide-range singing voice and fascinates with her imaginative water glass music. She works predominantly together with other musicians, from free-jazz to world music, who share with her their enthusiasm for improvisation and poetry. She plays especially, among others, with the cello virtuoso Gesine Conrad, the exceptionally gifted U.S. double bassist Jonathan Robinson, the master cellist Mauro Basilio from Italy, the ingenious Zam Johnson (who is also a visual artist), and most of all the innovative Japanese musicians Izumi Ose (piano, melodica), Hoshiko Yamane (violin) and Noriaki Hosoya (double bass and electric bass). Experimentally enthusiastic, music making frontier-crossers create opportunities at the highest musical niveau: they share heart-filling pieces with the audience. Fantasy-filled freedom and highest concentration in the here and now produces work which is a pleasure for listeners. Elegant, deeply relaxing, all the way to intensive, intoxicating songs induce rapture, delight and enchant.